Kiyoya Amoah

One “Rendezvous” with Toronto’s Phenom Singer-Songwriter and Actor, Kiyoya Amoah is artistic innovation at its finest. With smooth Countertenor falsettos that rival R&B veterans like Maxwell, D’Angelo and Tevin Campbell and head voice belts that are heavily influenced by the divas Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera; his voice is becoming the goals of his R&B, Pop, and Soul male AND female competition. His genesis started off singing in his church choir discovering a rare countertenor voice type in his preteens. Making short singing videos on Instagram and he went on to releasing original material on SoundCloud and YouTube. His voice has been compared by fans to artists like The Weeknd, Justin Timberlake, Usher and even the greats like Prince & Michael Jackson. Kiyoya cites getting his style, voice and inspirations for lyrics through “many different passions. African culture, Japanese culture, video games, anime, mythology, religion, and various scientific phenomena and theoretical ideology.” And taking one listen to his first single “Rendezvous with Medusa” is a definite 3 part harmonized “Amen” to that statement. Kiyo has also had a small background in musical theatre being cast as one of the leads in the Lower Ossington Theatre’s production of Sister Act: The Musical in 2016-2017. Kiyoya’s signature diva-like voice is easily among the top emerging artists and with his highly anticipated second single African Feng Shui on the horizon; this humble self-proclaimed “eighth phenomena” is quickly becoming more and more infectious in 2018!