Meet the team that makes Wavelength happen.

Jonathan Bunce

Artistic Director

Jonathan Bunce (better known by his stage and pen name, Jonny Dovercourt) has been participating in the independent music community in Toronto – as a musician, writer, editor, presenter, organizer and advocate – since he was a teenager. Having worked as Listings Editor at Toronto’s Eye Weekly after graduating from the University of Toronto, Jonny combined his experience in both the music scene and journalism to help co-found Wavelength Music in 2000. Having shepherded the organization through numerous shifts in evolution along its journey from grassroots collective to professional non-profit arts organization, Jonny has acted as Wavelength’s full-time Artistic Director since 2014. Jonny previously worked as Artistic Director & Publicity Coordinator of long-running Toronto concert space The Music Gallery and as Operations & Development Manager at the Images Festival of experimental film and video.

Jonny is the author of the book Any Night of Week: A DIY History of Toronto 1957-2001, to be published in 2020 by Coach House Books. He co-edited two volumes of Coach House’s acclaimed uTOpia anthology, and currently writes regularly for MusicWorks Magazine. He was a 2017/18 Toronto Arts Council/Banff Centre Cultural Leaders Lab Fellow, and in 2013, was recognized with a “Vital People” Award from the Toronto Community Foundation. As guitarist, bassist or vocalist, Jonny has been a member of more than a dozen bands, including Several Futures, Republic of Safety, Secret Agent, and A Tuesday Weld. When not absorbed with music, Jonny rides his bike and thinks about writing sci-fi. @jdovercourt

Aaron Dawson

General Manager

As a musician, Aaron Dawson has toured Canada, the U.S. and Europe. His songs have appeared in the Top 100 Canadian Songs lists of influential music blogs, the !Earshot Top 10 college radio charts, been featured in documentaries and live theatre, and his previous project Off The International Radar has its home on the Juno Award-winning record label Hand Drawn Dracula. He is the co-founder of the monthly Toronto music series Nite Comfort, specializing in experimental, electronic and ambient music. Aaron also works with Toronto design house mixMotion as a video and interactive installation designer and project manager, working with clients such as Red Bull and TD Bank Group, and producing installations for the Montreal Jazz Festival, Harbourfront Centre, Nuit Blanche Toronto, TEDx Toronto, and SIHH in Geneva, Switzerland. He is one of the premier VJs in Canada, having recently finished a six year residency at Canada’s legendary nightclub, The Guvernment, VJ’ing alongside top touring DJs from around the world including Aviici, Deadmau5 and Moby. He is currently an Art Curator with Wavelength Music in Toronto, most notably coordinating over 30 installation and performance artists for the inaugural Camp Wavelength festival in August 2015.

Emmalia Bortolon-Vettor

Editorial and Marketing Coordinator

Emmalia Bortolon-Vettor is a guitarist and multi-disciplinary researcher. Their current musical project is the goth-rock outfit, Bonnie Trash, who blends Northern Italian folklore with creative research to present modern horror stories. Emma is working on an MA in Critical Studies in Improvisation, with an interest in exploring play as a collaborative creative process. Emma’s work in the local arts community includes coordinating the Girls Rock Camp Guelph chapter, live music and theatre curation, and live sound engineering. 

Stephen Lindsey (General Chaos Visuals)

Lighting and Projection Artist

Inspired by the psychedelic, immersive visuals at the shows of his favorite band, Hawkwind, Steve Lindsey founded General Chaos Visuals in 2000. Along with fellow prog-rock fan Eric Siegerman, GCV started working with local bands and experimenting… and getting more gear… and experimenting. Inspired by their heroes, Steve and Eric believe in carrying on the grand musical tradition of experimentation in all things, and supporting deserving artists. The intersection of General Chaos with Wavelength was destiny. Steve moved to creating and delivering projections for the majority of Wavelength’s shows — an enormously enjoyable 15 years uncovering the talent and artistry hiding in the rehearsal spaces of Toronto’s back alleys. Steve’s roster of over 600 Wavelengths includes Julie Doiron, Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think, Tokyo Police Club, the Constantines and so, so many more. The images used on his hand painted gels are entirely abstract, using techniques he personally developed to give his imagery its unmistakable “look.” General Chaos’s visual artistry serves to draw attention to the artist in a busy environment, enhancing what the artist is trying to put across.

General Chaos considers it his privilege to see and present the music of so many amazing talented musicians. Although some may be concerned his still growing collection of projectors points to deeper issues, Steve considers his 40-year-young collection of projectors a must to keep pace to present visuals that do justice to the bands and halls that lucky Toronto audiences get to enjoy year round.

Roxanne Ignatius

Installation Artist & Set Designer
Roxanne Ignatius is a Toronto based illustrator, costume designer and textile installation artist. Roxanne draws inspiration from folk arts, traditional textiles and weaving, creative collaboration and community, and the natural world and our place within it. As an installation artist for live comedy, theatre, and music events, Roxanne seeks out unorthodox collaborations across art forms, and finds ways to engage audiences and build community through visual art and installation. Past projects include a 20 foot knitted crepe paper scarf for the Wavelength Winter Festival, a portable vulva doorway installation for Maylee Todd, and a 300 square foot immersive blanket fort set for Caterwaul Theatre. Her wearable textile art has appeared in music videos by Brave Shores, Keys n Krates, and Jeremy Dutcher.,