Swagger Rite: The WL Interview

Purveyors of: Hook-filled, state-of-the-art Toronto trap music with a sense of fun.

File next to: Recommended if you like Pressa, Killy, Lil Berete, CMDWN, Burna Bandz, NorthSideBenji, LocoCity or Houdini

Swagger Rite is, along with LolaBunz, one of two West-End rappers set hit the stage for the all-hip-hop bill at WL 785 on Friday, October 18. Known for his infectious, gold grill grin and dance moves in his music videos, the Jane & Weston-raised rapper will also make history when he performs by becoming the first major label artist in 19 years of shows to grace Wavelength’s stage. Swagger was hard to catch up with his jam-packed calendar most recently filled by a trip down to Atlanta for recording and performances at the A3C music conference, but Wavelength guest curator Ian Steaman finally had a chance to chop it up with this rising star in the following Q&A.

Your current single, “Drop Top” is featured in the buzz HBO show, Euphoria? That’s a major look! How’d that happen? 

They heard the record and rushed out to my management and label, Sony, to license the song. 

Drake’s an Executive Producer on Euphoria. Do you have any plans or would you like to work with him in any other capacity?

Anytime, anywhere, any day. When Drake calls we are definitely ready to do something with the boy. 

Your hustle game is impressive: you also have the mural down at YD Sq. How did that come about?

Like getting “Drop Top” on Euphoria that was another anonymous surprise. One day someone took a photo of it and I thought some fan did it. I was shocked. They created a masterpiece that I was a part of.  We went down to see it and suddenly I was on City TV news talking about it. Sh*t was wild fam! 

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I don’t think I know of another rap song about or named for a Canadian prime minister. Can you tell us about what inspired your track, “Robert Borden”?

Nobody knew who Robert Borden was so I wanted to make a song about him. A lot of rappers talk about Benjamin Franklins but we’re here in Canada so I wanted to talk about the paper we get. My main purpose was to educate. 

You’ve mentioned in previous interviews that you have an EP coming. Any updates on when we can expect it, what’s it called, who’ll be on it etc.?

Swaagged Out Pedestrian is gonna drop Nov. 29th with features from Block Boy JB, Flipp Dinero and Yella Beezy.

That’s real big! What’s your thoughts on how the industry in Canada has developed over the past few years?

It’s a great place to be right now musically.  The industry’s developed quite a lot. We are being heard. We have a platform. 

OK. Final couple questions: you wrote a song celebrating the Raptors making the NBA Finals last season. Obviously we all know how that ended but how do you rate their chances to repeat or make the playoffs this coming season?

I’m from Toronto. We can win another one.  It just takes a confident team to bring the championship home.

I like your optimism. So what’s your favourite non-Swagger Rite song right now?

No comment lol but check out the new song, “First Day in Atlanta” I recorded in the A while down there for A3C last weekend.