Phèdre: The WL17 Interview

Phèdre: The WL17 Interview

Purveyors of: Electronic pop decadence
File next to: Hooded Fang, Björk, Death Grips
Playing: Wavelength Music Festival 17 – Night 3, Sunday Feb. 19th @ The Garrison. Get tickets here!

Phèdre are a staple in Toronto’s electronic music scene. Composed of April Aliermo & Daniel Lee of Hooded Fang, Phèdre have traveled all over the world, bringing their sweet blends of electronic, hip-hop, disco, rock, and everything in between for all to indulge in. Wavelength’s Rebecca Hong talks to April about their first show at Wavelength, the best comfort food in winter, and going to Korean spas.

You’ve played at Wavelength many times under many projects. What is your most memorable show, and does Wavelength mean anything special to you?

Before any of my bands were born, my best friends and I used to go to Wavelength almost every Sunday when it was at Sneaky Dee’s. It was our church. We’d run into a mix of familiar and new faces. We could just chill and discover new bands. I saw Ohbijou play there for the first time and bought their pink and blue EP. I just moved back to Toronto from Montreal and it helped me get through the fall and winter. Over time, it was really great to become pals with Casey, Heather and the rest of the band. Hooded Fang’s first big show was Wavelength at Sneaky Dee’s. There were hundreds of bike couriers there. Wavelength has a slightly different incarnation now, but its spirit is still the same.

Over the past year, you’ve released some pretty stunning videos. Can we look forward to more soon with your new material?

Thanks! Always, baby; always.

Phèdre’s latest music video for Zatroszy.

Phèdre have performed in so many different kinds of spaces around the world, from the Philippines to Japan, to Germany and Mexico. What has been your most memorable experience?

I feel lucky to have made a ton of new pals and feel like I am part of several international families of artist and musician weirdos. Its really beautiful because even if there are spoken language barriers, people often instantly become friends through love of music, art, experimentation, creation, and togetherness. Also, imagine all the scrutious snacks we’ve been able to indulge in!


Phèdre in Seoul, Korea!

Speaking of food, what’s a good meal to warm yourself up to in the winter?

Ginitaan Gulay with rice (Filipino coconut-veggie stew w/ eggplant, green beans, sweet potato, ginger). Relatedly, nothing like taking a solid hot tea canister with you everywhere you go. Also, have you been up to the Korean Spa?

April, you’ll be a participating at Wavelength’s upcoming community panel, Music as Disruption this coming Sunday. What do you hope will come out of the event, considering that we’re all feeling some level of chaos with what’s been happening these past few months?

I hope people will feel leaving a little hopeful, empowered and inspired… and pumped to party.

Wavelegnth’s Community Panel: Music as Disruption at The Gladstone Hotel happens this Sunday at 3:30 PM.

What can the good folks at Wavelength expect on the WL17 Family Day weekend?

The usual, Wavelength’s killer curatorial taste. We’re excited to play with our homie Han Han. She rhymes in Tagalog and Cebuano and it’s pretty badass. Also as usual, Phèdre is going to have some special guests, including up and coming rapper Casey Garcia.

Thanks April! See Phèdre play on Night 3 of WL17 with Han Han, Emay, Fin, and Hush Pup at The Garrison on Feb 19. Get tickets here.

– interview by Rebecca Hong