Wavelength Presents:

Wavelength 400 Eighth Anniversary Festival – Night Two: Glissandro 70 DJ set + Bocce + Daniel Nebiat + Sister Suvi +  Abdominal

February 15, 2008 @ 8:00 pm


Gladstone Hotel

1214 Queen St W



Wavelength 400 Eighth Anniversary Festival - Night Two: Glissandro 70 DJ set + Bocce + Daniel Nebiat + Sister Suvi +  Abdominal

Wavelength 400 Eighth Anniversary Festival:

Glissandro 70 (DJ set)


Daniel Nebiat

Sister Suvi


Friday February 15th, 2008

Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St. W.


Sister Suvi

Friday Feb 15 @ Gladstone Hotel, 10pm

Drums! Guitar! Ukulele! Art-rock! Yes, art-rock! It seems like Toronto art-rock died when Les Mouches were hit by the flyswatter of fate. And perhaps it’s only Sister Suvi’s long-distance-relationship of Toronto and Montreal band members that can revive it. Their dancehall rhythms make you trip the light fantastic, while macabre and dreamscape lyrics carousel around like elegiac ghosts throwing all-night shebangs in your attic. Sister Suvi is that mysterious and gorgeous girl that makes the really strange paintings in art class. She exists in whispered rumours and try as you might, you just can’t take your eyes off her. — Kevin Parnell


Daniel Nebiat

Friday Feb 15 @ Gladstone Hotel, 11pm

One of the most joyous Wavelengths of the past 12 months occurred on March 26, 2007, when we hosted Daniel Nebiat, the first artist from Toronto’s African music community we had ever invited to play our series. What could have resulted in an awkward first-date atmosphere instead saw the Sneaky Dee’s dance floor filled with ecstatic members of both communities. Born in Asmera, Eritrea, Danny’s voice has a pure, soulful tone that easily crosses the language barrier, and it’s mind-melting to watch him simultaneously pluck lush chords from the open-stringed krar. For this show, he’ll once again be joined by compadres Waleed Abdulhamid on bass and Korg synth beat-master Finan Fiyoun. Danny plans to release his first CD later this year. — Jonny Dovercourt 


Friday Feb 15 @ Gladstone Hotel, 12am

Kitchener-Waterloo doesn’t get a lot of credit. Sure, there’s the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and Brick Beer, but when was the last time it brought to mind dozens of bodies hurling themselves toward each other in an orgy of sweat and joy? Who knew the recipe for super happy party time was four keyboards, a drummer and a cowbell? First time I saw these guys, lead Mr. Sweatybody Tony Salomone was wearing a Ninja High School shirt AND rocking a righteous keyboard. Everyone was dancing and crowd surfing and we accidentally tore down part of the ceiling of the Tiger Bar. — Ryan McLaren 

Glissandro 70 (DJ set)

Friday Feb 15 @ Gladstone Hotel, 1am

Glissandro 70 are the studio tag team of Sandro Perri and Craig Dunsmuir. While DJing, Sandro would be the one playing “Miss You” and Jorge Ben; Craig will likely be on 45-on-33 and instrumental-dub duty. G70 is working slowly on some remix ideas that may see the light of day later in 2008. Craig is slowly congealing demos into proper songs, moving at the speed of Pisces, for a follow-up to G70’s stunning 2006 debut self-titled CD on Constellation, possibly ready for WL 500 in 2010. — Doc Pickles

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