Wavelength Presents:

Khôra + Dirty Inputs + Thom Huhtala

July 18, 2014 @ 12:00 am

7:00 PM

8 – 11


Khôra + Dirty Inputs + Thom Huhtala

Wavelength presents:

KHÔRA (Toronto/Constellation Records, member of Picastro)
A leviathan weaves autoluminescent through the dark-deep, echoing mournful strange cries across an infinity. Old, old runes softly glow to life in all the world’s necropoli and emit a warbling harmonic hum. So begins a great reconstitution. Come give witness.

DIRTY INPUTS (Toronto/Member of Off The International Radar)
In the cathedral of time, asleep in the pews, dreaming an entire human life. Cosmic energies crackle and flare in every night sky, forming borealis faces. Apophenia or importance or either.

THOM HUHTALA (Toronto/Member of Bad River)
Purling water in a thirsty semi-dream vision. Cool lover-linen ante meridiem. Smoke signal poet from a quarter-time reality. Walking is like falling, talking is like crawling. Physic blossoms of fuzzzz and fire.

+ DJ David Dacks
Bringing the ambient dream-scapes.

Friday, July 18
@ 8-11 (Backyard of 233 Spadina Ave.)

7:00pm (Early show!)
(Music ends at 10PM so come for 7!)

NOTE! The sign says BRB Gallery at 233 Spadina Ave., but don’t fret, the entrance is around the former on Sullivan, the first street south. Take the first alleyway on your left and walk to the entrance through the gatef wooden fence.

Cover: $8/PWYC


Thom Huhtala
Thom Huhtala began his musical endeavours in Hamilton, Ontario, but it wasn’t until moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia, that he discovered his passion for songwriting and performance art. Despite his birthplace across the pond, Thom has become accustomed to Canadian culture and influence by traveling across the country independently in support of his music. Joined by musicians Bryan Goman and Geoff Fogden after moving to Toronto, the Thom Huhtala Band soon found a home as the house band of local Parkdale hotspot Motel. After being joined by guitar player Andrew McGill, the quartet quickly caught the attention of local blogs Blog TO, Weird Canada, and Art Rocker (UK). The group continued their unorthodox work by undertaking the writing of a score for Carl Dryer’s 1928 silent film The Passion of Joan of Arc. The performance was part of Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s all night art festival and received unanomous praise from the patrons. Thom’s albums Wave, Mixtape III and the self-titled Bad River debut were mentioned on top Canadian release lists of 2013, including Wavelength’s own list of the top 100 Canadian songs of 2013.

Dirty Inputs
Dirty Inputs is Aaron Dawson, a musician and VJ based in Toronto. Growing up in the Rocky Mountain foothills of western Canada and then moving to the continent’s fourth largest metropolis has cultivated his conflicting desires for nature and technology. Dirty Inputs’ euphoric synth-driven soundscapes search for the beach between the beautiful and the terrifying. This focus has created work that is often dark and brooding, other times joyful and emotional. There is an ever-present attempt to strip back the veneer of hype and rhetoric in society to reveal the plain truths and humble existence of humankind staring into the void.

Khôra is an experimental music project of Toronto resident Matthew Ramolo aimed at blurring the lines that separate the organic and synthetic, improvisation and composition. The emphasis in Khôra’s music is distributed between interlocking melodies (nested arpeggios, broken fugal voices, etc.) performed on acoustic and electronic instruments and experimentation involving field recordings and analogue/digital processing. From moving sparseness to fervent density, the music summons the spirit of Eastern modes, contemporary classical, avant and sacred minimalism, experimental rock, and various forms of electronic music. Poly-voiced, modular synthesis exploring the inner and outermost dimensions of sonic possibility has become the centrepiece of Khôra’s recent live performances.

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