Wrist Error

As the name implies, Wrist Error are a duo whose deliberate/
spontaneous aesthetic lurks within the spaces between dextrous intent and serendipitous chance, between the harnessing and surrender of control, a balancing act that requires both the settling/dismantling of sonic and gestural parameters and the confidence to risk well, erring. For over a year now, Kurt Newman (electric guitar, e-bow, pet-store comb, cheese grater, effects boxes, volume
pedal, waveform generator/manipulator, etc.) and Mike Gennaro (customized drum kit, egg beater, muffin tray and other household items, not to mention the occasional turntable) have curated the Ulterior
series at the Victory Cafe, home every second Thursday to recombinations of local similarly-spirited musicians, and occasional host to such out-of-town luminaries as New York City’s Eugene Chadbourne and Test, Chicago’s Fred Lomberg-Holm and members of Montreal’s Klaxon Guele. Ulterior is also one of the few local outlets for free improvisation in the city, aside from Ronda Rindone’s Improviser’s Series at the Idler Pub every Saturday, Maury Coles’ Improviser’s Pool at the Cameron House every Monday, and CCMC’s Tuesday night residencies at the Music Gallery. With a fervor for the subdued scrape-and-pluck intensity of the distinctly European axis of improv, Wrist Error pulse with a language all their own, one which always seems to convey – to me, at least – both the fleeting epiphanies and anxiously-awaited dread-end that need no translation. Their debut CD Tempo Tempo, is the inaugural rele~se for Newman and Gennaro’s own Ulterior recordings imprint.