Momentous and mesmerizing, VERSA captures eyes and ears with powerful instrumental music and synesthetic, responsive projections. Live performances explore the physicality of sound, rendering low frequencies visible using reactive cymatics and trippy ink marbling. Drawing comparisons to instrumental post-rock and ambient electronic mainstays, VERSA is distinguished by complex live-looping and expansive, bass guitar-led arrangements. Post performance, seismograph-esque marbled prints are pulled as a unique “record” of the music and its vibrational patterns. Falling through video feedback loops, this audio/visual collective has appeared at events such as Hillside Festival (Guelph, ON), Electric Eclectics (Meaford ON), Hold Fast (St. John’s NL), Kazoo! Fest (Guelph ON), Nuit Blanche (Ottawa ON), Up Here (Sudbury ON) and Flourish Festival (Fredericton, NB).