The Saffron Sect

“Twilight parlour music for imaginary friends of the future…” The Saffron Sect is led by Gaven Dianda, formerly of The Flashing Lights & Thee Gnostics. Gaven was raised in Hamilton, Ontario and began his musical career at an early age humming sinusoid ragas along with the vacuum cleaner and later playing in several underground psychedelic garage/beat groups, rocking in relative obscurity until joining Matt Murphy’s (ex-Superfriendz) The Flashing Lights in 1999 in Toronto. After a spell in More Plastic, the Saffron Sect formed in 2005. Although they’ve played but a handful of club dates since 2005 they’ve captured the attentions of a small band of similarly inclined musicians, artists and assorted hirsute reprobates. The Saffron Sect were showcased prominently in last years “10,000 micrograms of music festival” and have played alongside legendary Canadian psych-rock paragons as Bob Bryden of Reign Ghost – Christmas fame and Edgar Breau of Simply Saucer.