The Russian Futurists

The Russian Futurists are the project of pseudo-musician, sample and novelty keyboard based producer Matt Hart. Hart first released his debut in 2000 and received international acclaim for his album The Method Of Modern Love from every corner of the globe. Critics and peers agreed that his refreshing and otherworldly take on lo-fi pop music was “the most melodically seductive and exhilarating records of recent times” according to Uncut magazine in 2000. The record boasted fans in musical legends from Peter Buck of R.E.M. ,Graham Coxon of Blur, Caribou’s Dan Snaith and more recently remix guru and tastemaker Ryan Hemsworth. Celebrities like professional skateboarder and actor Jason Lee all the way up to the late Heath Ledger have been singing the praises of the Futurists for over two decades now. After four albums and two EPs the Russian Futurists continue to find longevity through everything from video games (NBA 2K11) and hit TV shows (The Walking Dead) and continue to work on new material with a new EP/mixtape slated for 2021. Picture the Cocteau Twins and Eric B & Rakim run through the analog grit of a four track cassette recorder and you’re getting close to the sound of the Futurists. The Russian Futurists’ sound is that of a rusty sampler and tongue twisting lyrics about sadness, loss and celebration soaked in a tetra pack of grocery store wine for good measure.