The Pucumber Sasssquatch Family Band

The Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band was born in the deep freeze at an orchestra boot camp virtuoso vegetable instrumental secret santa pool in a Hamilton basement. A bunch of closely linked vintage sprouts, husband/wife, ex-spouses, and old friends fell into an enormous sauce and dissolved into a cacophony of riffs picante. Nobody was looking and the pizza oven barfed a buffet of compost-punk dance party dementia. A bizarre seizure of frenetic flash fry smile icons lets a chakratic tickle-fest win in an arm-wrestle while the dishwasher breakdances on a giant electric fruit roll-up. Finally a new album will be available in 2017!

“like a fire hydrant gushing liquified kale and tomatoes into the street” ~ Wavelength Interview May 2015

“a sort of simultaneous band/party that spills out into the audience, held together with the weak gravitational bonds of
enthusiastic momentum” ~ Mechanical Forest Sound, Bloor Oz Fest Show Review & Recordings, Sept 2015

“Part punk, part psyche, part noise – they are incredible” ~ Cut From Steel Interview, Sept 2013

“perfect, energetic post-punk” ~ Kazoo!Fest Page, April 2014

“one of the most eclectic and energetic bands to set the local underground afire” ~ View Magazine Interview April 2015

“chaotically awesome” ~ Wavelength Show Review, May 2015

“Hamilton’s best kept secret” ~