Sunnsetter is the Long running solo project of multi-instrumentalist, composer, and mixing engineer, Andrew McLeod (also a member and collaborator with Zoon, Ombiigizi) Andrew has been releasing music since 2014 under the name Sunnsetter, and long before that under different pseudonyms. Based now in Norfolk County, Ontario, they’ve always been a DIY artist, single handedly fusing together every element of their music, including the recording and mixing process; And while the creation is entirely them, the music itself draws from various genres; ambient, singer-songwriter, shoegaze, post-rock, slowcore and moves nimbly between them. McLeod wants each song and album to be distinct. “One of my biggest fears as an artist is to make a series of albums or songs that sound exactly the same.”

With, ‘The best that I can be’, McLeod melds a sound that’s all their own. It’s their debut album on Paper Bag Records and follows 2020’s independently released, ‘The Love you withhold is the pain you carry,’ and 2022’s ambient album ‘All watched over by machines of Loving grace.’ Citing influences such as My Bloody Valentine, Sigur Ros, Mount Eerie and KCAccidental, among many others.