Sonja, also known as Sofie Mikhaylova, is a DJ, experimental synth artist, music writer and editor, workshop organizer and facilitator, and creator of independent record label Biblioteka Records. As a DJ, she enjoys playing with genres touching leftfield techno and deep house, and has a monthly residency on Miami-based station Empty Plate Radio. She also curates DJ mix series Sonja and Friends. As a musician, she relies on analogue hardware for improvised, alien, and fleeting modular synthesizer sets that play with drone, ambient, club, and noise music. In October 2020, she released her first experimental modular/found sounds EP, Grounding, following with her second release, Violence Now, in February 2021. In addition to making music, she also curates and teaches workshops on topics ranging from beginner guides to modular synthesis and music production to starting one’s own record label.