SATE [definition]: Satisfy a desire to the full.

The Toronto vocalist and songwriter leads a dynamic band combining blistering hard rock with gritty blues. The empowering messages embedded in her music, and her soul-shaking live show, have quickly built SATE’s reputation as an artist impossible to ignore. Take it from Her music leaves you exhausted but leaves a fire burning in your soul that wasn’t there before.

It only takes seeing SATE in concert once to feel the impact of everything she represents. Toronto’s NOW Magazine described her as having “a tornado of a stage presence,” while Lithium’s live reviewer proclaimed, “I can tell you sincerely that she is one of the most resounding artists I’ve heard.” When each show inevitably reaches its climax with the indelible image of SATE, fist in the air, and an entire audience raising its hands in unity, the full spectrum of human emotions—anger, joy, vulnerability—suddenly comes into sharp focus through the music. SATE has wowed audiences with her signature energetic performance touring Canada, United States and Europe. She has appeared Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn, Paris, and London. In 2017, she concluded 3 successful tours unabashedly enthralling European audiences. Appearing at the Paleo Festival in Switzerland, Lott Festival in Germany, and Secret Garden Party in London. She is set to continue wowing European audiences with her upcoming album The Fool.

SATE is a cosmic being. She governs her life through astrology, numerology and tarot, and her spiritual connection to her surroundings. On her first album she pursued her spiritual connection to the black panther, red robin, and blue butterfly. On this next journey, she is pursuing her connection to the Tarot. This new body of work is named after the hero of the Tarot deck, The Fool. This card is about beginnings and trust, and stepping off a cliff with an ultimate faith in the universe. This album is an anthem for anyone who has dared to dream and work towards their greatest self.

SATE’s music is the natural result of the live experience, and the culmination of a lifetime spent fully immersed in music of all forms and shades. As the daughter of Canadian blues and jazz pioneer Salome Bey, SATE learned at the feet of countless music legends that passed through Toronto during her childhood. She soon found her own voice by adding the sounds and attitudes of punk, and hard rock that shaped her own identity, setting her upon her journey. That journey is in fact only just beginning. The release of RedBlack&Blue was the introduction of SATE to the music industry, clamoring for new fierce female voices in the world of dirty rock and roll.

Her sophomore album, The Fool, is SATE’s evolution, embodying a cutting-edge sound, with catchy earworm melodies that will have you singing long after the record stops. Armed with ferocious soulful wails, relentless guitars, pulsating organs, and greasy grooves, SATE embarks on the journey bringing her dynamic powerhouse sound to the mainstream. Get ready to be sated.