Peter Zummo Quartet

Peter Zummo Quartet playing “Different Birds”: Compositions and arrangements for improvising percussion and melody ensemble with Josh Cole (bass), Michael Davidson (vibraphone) and Blake Howard (percussion).

An exponent of the American contemporary-classical tradition as well as more vernacular genres, trombonist Peter Zummo pursues the evolving boundary of music making and brass culture, and in so doing creates compositions for interactive ensembles. Since the 1960s, he’s been an important part of New York City’s modern music scene, renowned for his work with the late Arthur Russell. His musical pieces and his solo and ensemble performances—in his own works and in those of theatre, dance, poetry, film, television, and new-media artists—evoke the influences and methodologies of the minimalist, rock, jazz, and world music styles. Zummo has devised pioneering ensembles and new instrumental techniques for trombone, valve trombone, dijeridu, euphonium, synthesizer and other electronic instruments, and voice.