Pedestrian Status

Technology gone wild: at this moment a concept personified by an experimental rocket roaring out of control from the bowels of Ingersoll, Ontario. Created by the mind of an evil genius, Pedestrian Status embodies the quintessential”music of the moment”, employing such tactics as “striking good looks” and “hooks that make your teeth rot” to achieve their dastardly aim of complete market saturation. A music that becomes a thunderous roar that denies all other sound.

Brothers Bryce and Brad Clifford have spent the last seven years in a secret laboratory miles beneath the Canadian shield refining their secret formula for the great classic rock song. Testing their calculations on an unsuspecting Oxford county, they form unholy allegiances with such other musical alchemists as Wayne Omaha and Oxford County Circus, and under the cover of night quietly infiltrate the Toronto music scene, catching local acts napping and satiated by welfare cheques. After draining the pool of Nobel prize-winning bass players, the brothers Clifford quietly drugged scene style-setter and Euchre champion Sara Montgomery – in her young life she had been both sinner and saint but now at long last she has taken her place among the greatest of heroes.

The debut CD from Ped Stat 2000 is being carefully created as we speak by 1000 monkeys with 999 guitars and one set of drums.

From February 2000 Wavelength Zine