Os Tropies

Os Tropies grew out of the impossibility of travelling back in time. Influenced by the music of the revolutionary tropicália movement of late 1960s Brazil, these six Canadians versed themselves in psychedelic rock and Brazilian popular music in order to imagine what it was like to be a Brazilian music radical in a time of heavy political turmoil and protest song purism.

It turns out that even in present day Toronto, there is still plenty to say and plenty of ways to say it: fuzz guitars, theremins, berimbaus, funky orchestral triangles, some sha-la-las, lots of bongo, cowboy swagger, haunted church organs and fraudulent recordings of paranormal activity all make up the palette of sounds that Os Tropies draw upon in the creation of their international-cannibalist-love-affair-of-a-sound, offering up covers of the tropicália numbers that inspire them and originals written in the spirit of irreverent and impassioned musical juxtaposition.