Off the International Radar

OFF THE INTERNATIONAL RADAR was formed in 2001 by Henry Sansom (drums/guitar), Don Kennedy (guitar), and Aaron Dawson (keyboards) in the basement of the Toronto house they shared. Recently expanded to a 4-piece with the addition of Andrew Roy (bass), the band explores post-rock, kraut-rock, psychedelic and punk, mixed with electronic, experimental and drone. OTIR has grown from parties crammed with projected images and sweaty minds to sharing stages with HOLY FUCK, A Place to Bury Strangers, Polmo Polpo, Mahogany, Quintron, Sandro Perri, and NADJA.

OFF THE INTERNATIONAL RADAR’s HOT LIPS SPLIT EP was recorded and produced at Brooklyn’s Civil Defense by Andrew Prinz (Mahogany), mastered by Harris Newman and also features the split LP side of HOLY FUCK‘s epic collaboration with OTIR entitled “Holy Radar”.

Holy Radar (side B1.) is a remix/reworking of OTIR’s “E bowl Of Iris” by HOLY FUCK. Having sped up the original OTIR song on a record player in studio, Holy Fuck played along and added their own layers. As a result the vinyl record plays as 2 versions. Play at 45 RPM in the spirit of the remix and play it at 33 1/3 RPM in the spirit of the original recording.

Hot Lips EP lp limited pressing of 500 and printed on 18pt 100% Recycled C1S paperboard. Package design & artwork by James Mejia.