Not Of

Not Of is a duo that plays “noise rock” because that seemed like a good way to mask our general lack of proficiency.

Not Of may be only a duo, but we are not reinventing the wheel.
Or reinverting it. There are lots of duos now. Big whoop.

Not Of’s two members used to play in other bands, though not together.

Not Of does not tour, which is sort of like choosing to break up with someone we haven’t even asked out. Trust us: it’s just easier that way.

Not Of is loud, but not that loud. One member would like it to be louder; the other thinks it’s too loud. Can you guess which is which?

Not Of is a band of which someone will eventually say, “That’s not noise rock.” This critique will be largely inconsequential, and yet, it will weirdly hurt our feelings.

Not Of promises to keep it short and sweet.