Nina Savary

French multidisciplinary artist Nina Savary was born into the world of entertainment, taking to performing like a duck out of water, brought up backstage, behind the scenes of theatres across Europe. Making her debut to the stage at the mere age of four years old at la Scala in Milan, touring with her parents’ (Jérôme Savary) explosive and free theatre company Grand Magic Circus. Now an adult, Nina is a renowned performer; a singer, dancer and actress, she has been involved in many artistic projects such as musicals, opera as well as collaborating with musicians such as Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier and Julien Gasc, Eddy Crampes, Marker Starling, and her partner Astrobal, aka Emmanuel Mario, a producer, arranger and composer with whom she collaborates for the band Institut and the project Vivre!.

After the single “Second Guessing” composed by the wonderful Marker Starling, Nina’s first solo album ‘Next Level Soap Opera’ will be released September 24th on Tin Angel Records. The best advice one could give a happy wanderer to pinpoint Nina Savary’s universe on a map would be to proceed by elimination. Look for where she is not rather than where she actually is ; for her place of residency is in the exact opposite direction of the current state of emergency. And omitting to indulge in a tired eulogy for idleness, sloth or rest, we can be sure that the French singer, dancer and actress diligently steers clear from the pangs of chaos.