Morgan-Paige is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist. With her work ranging from scoring short films to solo performances, her work and story were featured in Musicworks Magazine Winter 2020-2021 Issue 138, The WholeNote Magazine, Ludwig van Toronto and Toronto Guardian. Past projects include Bin Chicken film collaboration with Toronto Dance Theatre and Alyssa Martin, The Magic Wallet short film, Mission Sankofa short film, Hillside Inside’s “The Sound of Light”, “Where Do I Go?” short film with Tapestry Opera and Rock Bottom Movement, 21C Music Festival’s “New Music In A New World”, and a commissioned work plus performance for Suoni Per Il Popolo, sound art installation “My Ancestor Summons Me” at MOCA Toronto, Debaser Pique, and the 21C Music Festival with the world premiere of her improvisational work “A Time to Exist” in Koerner Hall.


Photo credit: Ian Chang