More or Les

Since his first album in 2003, Toronto DJ, producer, and rap veteran More Or Les has released multiple projects to critical acclaim, has years of international live appearances under his belt, and features with notable peeps including Blueprint, Chip-Fu, and UK group The Herbaliser. Also on the tip of collaboration, Les is a member of the Canadian rap collective Backburner. On his rap releases, you can find Les spitting multisyllabic lyrical essays over “true school” beats on topics of a serious to geeky nature – from the sugar slave trade, gun control and smartphone obsession to Klingons, comics and of course, Brunch! His latest album, The Human Condition (out November 13, 2020) is a sensitive, insightful and brilliantly vulnerable look into mental health in the time of COVID, and features guests including Laura Barrett, SlowPitchSound, Fresh Kils, and Jesse Dangerously.