(Pronounced man-di-rig-ma)

Discover the boundary pushing, trend setting experimental pop duo: MND3GMA. Black Canadian actress (Gossip Girl)/ musician Jordan Alexander and Filipino Canadian model/musician/Dj Sakina Garcia are like characters out of your favourite video game. Their distinctive look and unique sound has been capturing attention and building momentum among music aficionados and new release junkies alike. MND3GMA is about to release their first ever single to fans who already adore Jordan and Sakina individually. The hot new single Tayong Dalawa, is a foreign language tropical electronic song so infectious you’ll need to dance, vibe and smile, regardless of if you understand Tagalog; great music is universal. The undeniable magic in the hooks, melodies, and harmonies transcend geography in a way few foreign language songs can. Not to mention the symphonic collection of world instruments that make this feel good beach jam both powerfully enjoyable and intellectually integral. Join the movement so you can say you got there first.