Lonely Parade

Lonely Parade is the tightly knit art-punk trio of childhood friends Augusta Veno (guitar/vocals), Charlotte Dempsey (bass/vocals), and Anwyn Climenhage (drums). Formed when they were in their early teens in the small Ontario town of Peterborough, they have become, six years later at barely 20 years old, one of the most buzzed-about new bands in Canada. Beginning with their self-released 2016 album, No Shade, which came out just after the band members finished high school, the band toured extensively in Canada over the last 12 months, with the likes of Weaves, PUP, Ought, and Nap Eyes (who opened for Lonely Parade on one of their first tours), appearing on festival stages at Sled Island and Lawnya Vawnya, and playing outside of Canada for the first time upon being invited to 2017’s Iceland Airwaves festival. They just announced their signing to Buzz Records with the release of single “I’m So Tired” via Noisey.