Liis Ring

Liis Ring is a musician, (sound) artist and photographer who divides her life between the west coast of Sweden and the southeast corner of Estonia. Her music balances between the genres of art pop, singer-songwriter and ambient where field recordings are blended with electronic and acoustic instruments. Her live sets are a mix of pre-composed and improvised material, taking the audience on a vivid journey across genres.

Liis Ring has performed as a solo artist in 12 different countries, created music and sound design for several theatre productions and released two LPs and two EPs. Her albums have been well received by local music critics and brought her a following among the Estonian alternative scene. Two new releases are due in 2023, the first one on Breton Cassette/Canigou Records of Norway/Spain in April and the second on Õunaviks of Estonia in early autumn. In addition to solo performances and writing music, Liis is currently doing a BFA in photography in Gothenburg, which has made her experiment more boldly across mediums. She previously has a degree in music and sound production.

Photo by Lumi Hartikainen