Lex Leosis

Most famous for her dynamic flows, aggressive stage presence and elaborate story-telling, Lex Leosis is a blend of charisma and abrasive lyricism, both of which have already given her a notable spot in local and international Hip Hop scenes. With three North American tours under her belt, Lex rocks any stage with high energy, inclusive crowd involvement and effortless delivery. Lex has a decorated career in rap competitions and cyphers, including “The International Women’s Day Cypher” which garnered millions of online views, and reviews from many notable publications such as; Noisey, The Fader, CBC, Complex and more. Following this success, Lex co-created Toronto’s all-female super-group, The Sorority. Lex has shared the stage with Miguel, Jidenna, The Internet, Isaiah Rashad and more. A mentor, teacher, and student of hip hop, Lex possesses a healthy and genuine respect for the history, art, and spirituality of Hip Hop.