L.A. Foster

It was during a multi-disciplinary performance in a Mexico City art show (2014) that the L.A. FOSTER project was born. 

Originally from Edmonton and now based in Montreal, Lesley Ann Foster has lived in many parts of the world, including Argentina, Chile and Mexico. It is specifically in Argentina where she learned how to fluently speak Spanish and fully immersed herself in Latin America, a culture that has truly impacted and influenced her as an artist.  

Moving back to Montreal in 2009 and after many successful artistic collaborations (including Mozart’s Sister), she launched her debut EP Saudade in November 2015. Named after the Portuguese word which signifies the sentiment of longing after something is gone, the work represented the diverse music, languages and cultures deeply rooted in the artist’s background and the will to somehow reconcile these roots through her first recording. 

Foster’s sample-rich, beat-heavy songs, paired with her intense emotional vocals showcase her influences and come together as an engaging, melancholic-dance-party. From UK dance, soul, cumbia, reggaeton, hip hop, and dark R&B, Foster’s sound draws from her eclectic musical taste and her growth as a collaborator with a multitude of producers and musicians (Stephen Ramsay, TONE, Brother May). 

L.A. FOSTER has a new EP due out later in Summer 2019.