Kids On Tv

Kids On TV emerged from the drainage pipe of a Toronto bathhouse in the spring of 2003 and the art collective produced work together for ten years.  John Caffery, Minus Smile, Roxanne Luchak and Wolf were the core artists and together they collaborated with musicians such as Boy George, Man Parrish, Shunda K, Julie Faught, Gentleman Reg, Katie Stelmanis, Diamond Rings and Bruce Benderson.

Kids on TV transformed environments with projections of their film and video work. Over the years the party starting band played in clubs, warehouses, schools, festivals, and bath houses.  

The group toured Canada, U.S., and Europe and played over 300 shows, screened their films internationally, and released music on several labels, most notably Chicks on Speed Records and The Co-operative of Blocks Recording Club.  KOTV honoured roots planted by General Idea, Fifth Column, and Will Munro. Kids on TV are an apocalyptically gay band. (