Kat Duma

Kat Duma is a Belgrade-born music producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer, currently based in Toronto. Her music over the years has ranged from noisy industrial to hazy ambient, now finally settling into a dub and folk influenced atmosphere which pushes the boundaries of pop. Duma has shared the stage with other genre-defying artists such as Yves Tumor, Inga Copeland and Tirzah. As a DJ, Kat has recorded mixes for NTS Radio, Crack Magazine, TANK, The Lot, and more. Her “potent, atmospheric and one-of-a kind” (Wonderland) debut “Real Life” was released in spring 2023. In contrast to its title, Real Life seems to wander effortlessly in and out like a fog falling, and lifting. In this sense the title is more of a question: what is real life? What’s outside of it?

Photo Credit: Talvi Faustmann