Kali Horse

Kali Horse is the post-psychedelic art-rock collaboration between multi-instrumentalist producers Sam Maloney and Desiree Das Gupta from Toronto, ON. Digital and live drums under air-tight harmonies, with electric guitar lines enveloped by foley samples ripples with 90s sludge energy. “Reflections of eastern, folk music…complimented by western avant-garde art rock and vocal harmonies that made you feel hypnotized.”

Their debut record Some Type of Electric Lagoon (2023) is a psychedelic opus, with rock elements and electronic soundscapes. From the Conan Mockasin-inspired “Long Fever”, to Björk-like experimental mystery with “In The Water” – outside-the-box creation comes naturally to Kali Horse. Their focus on escapism via world-building was essential while attempting to understand their lives. The Electric Lagoon is an intense place in time, with moments of peace haunted by the fear of not surfacing. It is their reflection on the spectacular every-day event of living and coping with mental illness.

As a 4-piece their live energy is as electric as expected, lighting up festivals such as NYC’s New Colossus Festival and Distorsion’s L’Entrepot 77 Takeover. Das Gupta’s alto and ever-shifting instrumental role in combination with Maloney’s feathery soprano and absolutely shredding electric guitar highlights their connection while letting them shine. Backed by Brandon Bak (Possum) on drums and Cameron Kirk (Your Grandad) on bass, their world is an immersive one…”an experience. One that should be repeated and shared often.”

Photo Credit: Adam Stewart