Helena Deland

Montreal’s Helena Deland writes songs that are a testimony of a given time or place, converting her memories to something that sounds, in a word, unforgettable. A myriad of influences filter in and out of her writing, from ’60’s Parisian pop to indie-folk to fuzz-rock. Clever wordplay and lush rock instrumentation make her sound like a more melodically-driven Courtney Barnett. She describes her songwriting as a collection of “unsent letters,” perhaps fueling her self-coined genre, “sincere pop.” Helena captures the unapologetic aspects of womanhood the world needs today, highlighting powerful femininity in her vocals and refined writing in her unique lyrical choices. Her two latest singles, “There Are A Thousand” and “Perfect Weather For A Crime,” are poetic, catchy, and undeniably magnetic. Helena will be touring the world over the next year, promoting the release of her upcoming LP, Altogether Unaccompanied.