Georgia Harmer

Georgia Harmer, a rising artist with a soulful touch, weaves a tapestry of emotive moments in her debut album Stay In Touch” (April 15, Arts & Crafts). From the ephemeral connections shared among friends to the nostalgia of a perfect summer day, Harmer crafts a collection that transcends fleeting experiences, forming bonds and narrating the joys and sorrows that shape our lives.

Hailing from a musical family, she began recording her own songs at the age of 10 and later toured as a backing vocalist for Alessia Cara. Harmer, now 22, dropped out of university to pursue music full-time, assembling a band of jazz school misfits to help shape the intimate yet diverse sound of Stay In Touch. Recorded in a converted garage studio in Toronto, the album effortlessly spans folk, country, jazz, and pop-infused rock. Each track sparkles with the chemistry of a band in sync, adding depth to the lyrical richness inspired by both past relationships and the joy of finding one’s tribe.

With a rare sincerity and romanticism, Harmer’s music embraces intelligence, vulnerability, and play, delivering an unforgettable message — staying in touch with the experiences that shape you means staying in touch with yourself. The record explores the delicate balance between holding on and letting go, celebrating the beauty and acknowledging the pain in the world.

Photo Credit: Colin Medley