Forever is a popstar, poet, provocateur currently creating in Montréal. Originating in the meditative solo material of June Moon, the music is a reiteration of themes on wantonness and desire. Fundamentally pop in it’s essence, the confessional songwriting is reflective, sonically experimental, and emotionally raw.

Born in the middle of no where, on a remote island, June Moon was destined to follow an artistic path. After over a decade of travelling she located to Montréal with fellow independent musician Mind Bath to launch her music career and shape her lascivious stage persona — Forever. She didn’t waste time settling in, and with the help of producer and friend Project Pablo recorded the self titled Forever EP (2016). Possessing an alluring fusion of pop and down-tempo electronic influences, the debut release showcases her cool but powerful vocal stylings, and lustfully poetic lyrics.

The release immediately attracted online adulation, and the singer spent the following year playing shows in Europe and North America, as well as self publishing her first collection of poetry (It’s Not Gravity, It’s Her), and launching a monthly podcast on radio (the Flip Phone Forever show).

Following a transformative heartbreak, she set to work with regular music collaborators Ouri, Project Pablo, Mind Bath, and Caila Thompson-Hannant to discover the natural healing power of song-writing, and what resulted is material for the LP ‘Make It Happen’. The new music captures the grandeur of love and loss with themes of dark, twisted romance and personal struggle. There’s layer upon layer of passionate vocal hooks, intricate rhythms, and agile production that flourishes in the silver linings of heart ache and grief.

Rejuvenated and ready, Forever’s album exposes romantic disappointment and despair, while providing enigmatic ecstasy about emotional revelations.