Dame Fate

Just when you thought it was safe to let the lithium prescription expire, Dame Fate offers a healthy dose of their minimalist melancholia. Bassist/vocalist Yalan Papillon, described as a modern day Chrissie Hynde and veteran of Ohio-based bands such as Miss May 66, Shanghai Lily, and Avec des Papillons, makes her desperate brassy alto the moody core of this D.C. all-female trio. The group’s noirish torch songs come off like a My Bloody Valentine/Mazzy Star therapy session. Melissa Farris’ fuzzy guitar made Tuscadero a house hold name — with Dame Fate, she adopts a unique,stripped-down style whose psychedelic tinges unfurl gracefully over drummer Speck’s Mo Tuckeresque beats.The result is a glorious blend of The Pretenders, Nina Simone, and Bauhaus — tailor-made for a rainy day spin around your turntable. (Interpunk.com)