Corpusse is a big man, at least six and a half feet tall, with another foot of hair sticking straight up. He delivers his lyrics in growls, wrestler-style rants and operatic vocals. Some of his song titles include “Die With A Smile And A Vengeance”, “I Heard The Chickens”, “You Can’t Stop The Insanity” and “Wake Up Neighbour (Time To Die)”. While there are elements of humour in Corpusse’s work, Corpusse is NOT comedy. Corpusse is deadly serious, serious enough about his music to have quit high school to record his first LP, “Delusions” in 1988 and to have never looked back. Providing the musical backbone to Corpusse’s performance is the duty of Lorenz Peters, a comic book artist well-known in the Toronto scene (“The Last Remaining Ancient Mellish Bird”, “Arriba! The Parkdale Wrestler”, etc). Lorenz uses vintage analog gear to create minimal electronic soundscapes.