Corey Gulkin

GAMIQ nominated artist Corey Gulkin revels in the peculiar and makes it feel like home. Emerging from the world of folk music, Gulkin drew attention early in their career as the 2013 laureate of the John Lennon Songwriting Grand Prize. In recent years, Gulkin has alchemized their musical pedigree through experimentation. Their 2018 full-length All The Things I’ll Forget, which chronicled an abusive relationship with nuanced insight, provided an artistic release that allowed them to approach their next project with a renewed sense of possibility. After recovering from a neck injury in 2020, they re-claimed the role of lead guitarist and honed their vocal power, reaching a breakthrough during a Banff Centre residency. And they began writing with the specific intention of channeling queer heartbreak, love, and rage. With Gulkin’s tenacity and vulnerability at the forefront, their new album Half Moon (2023, Anything Bagel) revels in this new territory, leaping into the world of art-rock.

At its heart, Half Moon is about letting go of control. As their songs shape-shift from seducing, to confronting, to comforting, and even to slinging barbs, Gulkin’s fire-eyed clarity remains the undeniable constant. It’s the anchor that lets Half Moon delve into the emotions we tend to hide from: competitiveness, angsty love, icky embarrassment–dancing on the edge between euphoria and disaster. Confrontational, restless, and spirited, Gulkin rides the terror and thrill of refusing to back down, carried by the Thom Yorkian vibrato of their voice.  From furious guitar solos to tender improvisation and cathartic moments, Gulkin’s live set is tenacious and adventurous.