Century Palm

Not content to simply combine influences, Century Palm glide across genre boundaries, drawing upon myriad times and places: Gary Numan, Wire, Neu!, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Brian Eno’s pop records, and contemporary sounds from the Australian post-punk sub-terrain. Their debut LP ‘Meet You’ is out now on Deranged Records.

Century Palm frequently employ minimal but propulsive rhythms in service of intoxicating melodies. Songs shiver, pulsate and glisten, losing none of the essential energy of members’ previous projects (Zebrassieres, Ketamines, The Drearies, Sudden Infant Dance Syndrome) while adding new worlds of texture and feeling. There’s a fascinating tension, a palpable struggle between their inner selves and their music that demands to be heard. Now all you need to do is listen.