Bossie (aka Anne Douris) is a Toronto based pop artist releasing a retro-infused blend of new wave, glam rock and synth-pop about confronting the demons of adulthood and coming of age in a digital world. Though she takes her cues from an eclectic mix of kraut rock, post-punk, classic rock and disco, Bossie’s songs have a distinct pop sensibility, with roller disco bass grooves and glittering guitars that evoke an eighties revitalism that is both wildly fun and deeply wistful. Bossie’s first single, “Meteor”, was first released in 2014 as a demo. The track was quickly picked up by UK publications DIY and NME Magazine, which called it “a pop product as addictive as candy.” Then, with the re-recording of the song, Bossie released her debut video for Meteor in July 2015, and soon released follow up singles “There Will Be Time” and “Tell It All”. With each subsequent release, Bossie has generated more and more attention from Canadian and International press outlets. Douris was listed in a Toronto Star article as one of five Torontonian artists to watch in 2016 (Jan 4, 2016). Subsequently, FASHION Magazine released a print feature describing her new single “A Lot Like Love” as “the kind of aural confections you could imagine Britney Spears, Selena Gomez or Kesha singing.” Online, her singles have been gaining exposure via well-trusted American music blogs such as Stereogum, Noisey and HelloGiggles; and have been included on Spotify’s official New Music Friday playlist, which helped generate the 100,000 + listens she has on Spotify. This past fall, Bossie was featured on Toronto’s Indie 88.1’s Your First Listen for two separate singles, (“Meteor” and “Tell It All”), and anticipation for her performances have generated print features from publications such as The Toronto Star and NOW Magazine. Having completed her Factor-awarded debut record, “NOT PICTURED”, Bossie is currently preparing for a Spring 2018 release with Culvert Records, to be announced officially this winter.