BiG SiSSY is a drag/performance artist, vocalist, and producer who makes pro-Black, pro-sex, beat-driven music. Conceptually and sonically inspired by Sista Soulja and Vanity 6, SiSSY’s lyrics are drenched in dark humor and blunt honesty. Her music integrates post-disco and electro-clash, relying heavily on 80’s drum machines and looped guitar riffs to tell a story.

Over time SiSSY’S live act organically developed a narrative, evolving into a 30-minute rock opera titled The BiG SiSSY Show: The Message, which made its debut at Toronto’s 40th annual Rhubarb Festival. The Message details BiG SiSSY’s origins and her mission on Earth through themes of homelands and Afro-futurism. 

She has shared the stage with queer icons including Backxwash and John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig & The Angry Inch). SiSSY’s notorious stage show has earned her a spot on Cult Montreal’s Top 5 Freakiest Musical Acts list for six years (2018-2023). Featured on Complex, BiG SiSSY’s debut EP ‘Black Starr’ is out now.

Photo Credit: Jeffery Torgerson