Zone Support: The Wavelength Interview

Purveyors of: Stone-age new-age.
File next to: Man Made Hill, Midori Takada, ASMR self-help audio books.
Playing: Don’t Speak II, Saturday, March 18 @ The Baby G. Get tickets here!

Oracles of introspective insight Zone Support impart crystals of thought through vessels of word and sound. For Don’t Speak II, they will forgo speech and transmit their philosophies through music and movement only. Wavelength’s Adam Bradley swam deep with Zone Support’s Castro Breeze to learn about the best paths to the self.

Castro Breeze. Welcome. How’s Earth been treating you so far?

Thank you. Hello, Wavelength of Canada. As we all know, Earth treats the soul with cruelty and chaos as fully as it fills our senses with wonders and beauty. We must all treat this blessed Earth with love and respect.

Tell us about the wellspring of your trans-galactic wisdom. When did you transcend the corporeal realm, and why do you choose to remain here? 

The only bottom to the wellspring of our trans-galactic wisdom is the knowledge that even the man who knows too much still knows only very little about all of the galaxies, let alone dimensions, his soul and dreams travel. Only the humble can truly be wise. When our wellsprings are full, we have reached ultimate self-awareness, where you become unaware of anything Earthly, allowing galactic impressions to rush in. We can only transcend into new realms for so long before life as we all live it pulls us back into familiar straits. We have to remain here. It is our bidding. We are kept here, and so we must struggle as far beyond that as we can go. Like the cast of Gilligan’s Island.

What is the simplest method of self-actualization according to the book of Zone Support? 

There is no simple method of self-actualization. It is a perpetual work in progress. One must follow one’s own path, and continuously push the limits of their fullest potential, in order to reach new heights of personal achievement and spiritual grace. It is an Infinite Step Program.

Can you speak to the importance of relaxation? We all enjoy some good R’n’R, but it seems like you would suggest we go much deeper. 

Without relaxation, the mind is unable to comprehend anything of depth, length, or breadth. We are constantly bombarded with negative influences by every possible means and must ignore all of this misleading propaganda in favour of developing our own inner lights and visions. Relaxation and meditation should be constant states of being for you, as they are for us. It is very difficult for me to not feel relaxed, or at ease. It is my Canadian way of being.

Why did you choose music as a vessel for your teachings? Why not a TED Talk or arena show of some kind? 

I’m the one who talks. Clarity doesn’t talk. Clarity would have nothing to do if I did a TED Talk. We are available for arena shows. We choose to work with music because our music is designed to aid our literary vision of a more relaxed and innerly strong and assured world. Our music is long-form, non-repetitive, and reflective of our personal freedoms and pursuits for a deeper, more contemplative, yet spontaneous and raw expression of improvised music and sound dialogue.

Let’s play a word association game. What words come into your mind when given those listed here?

a) Peace: What should be on Earth, instead of war. But also inner peace, which can be a whole other war.

b) Courage: What one needs to thrive, survive, live fully, or die nobly in this realm of light.

c) Yearning: Something you can feel in the pit of your being, when it strikes you. The emotions in the song “No One Like You” by Scorpions are a good example of the feeling of yearning translated into music.

d) Infinity: Everything my senses won’t permit me to experience.

e) Within: Infinity.

Is there any hope for the collective human spirit? 

There is so much hope it blows my mind. The power of the collective human spirit is one of the strongest powers in the universe. Other lifeforms feed off it, it’s so strong. If we could only learn to see past the aspects that keep people divided from each other, and angry at one another, we could truly unite as one, push aside all of the bullshit and fix this broken world. If Zone Support has one overarching message, it’s “share.”

— Interview by Adam Bradley