Wrong Hole: The Wavelength Interview

Purveyors of: The sound of a scuzzy cyberpunk club scene as directed by Paul Verhoeven in the early 1990s, duh.
File next to: Cro-Mags, Big Black.

Wrong Hole are a noisy Toronto 3.5-piece fronted by part-time comedian, full-time lover Nick Flanagan (Brutal Knights), alongside Andrew Gunn (Comet Control / Quest for Fire / Deadly Snakes) and Jon Schouten (Teenanger). Also, a drum machine (Twikki / Buck Rogers). We caught up with Nick and peppered him with questions about the EQing choices the band made on their debut 2012, and what kind of shirts (if any) would be appropriate attire for their upcoming show.

Is the name “Wrong Hole” a veiled expression of your anti-natalist world view?

We love children!!! But many people should not be parents. However, our band name might have more to do with me, a know-nothing vocalist, never knowing where to plug in cords.

Is the name “Wrong Hole” in reference to that awesome joke about a businessman golfing? If so, please tell your version of that joke. Spare no expense.

Wrong Hole knocks at a door. “Who’s there?” “Golf course.” “Golf course who?” “No, I’m looking for the golf course.” “Well, they’re generally outdoors. You can’t get to them by knocking on doors.” “Wrong Hole.”

Is there really a “wrong” hole, though? Yes, that’s my actual question.

The holes filled with bugs are bad.

What creative itches are you scratching with Wrong Hole that weren’t being satisfied by Brutal Knights, if any?

I like having a memory man and phaser and a variety of pedal-type things to use on my voice. It’s as close as I’ve come as of now to playing an instrument. And I will always have new dumb lyrics to write. So as long as I have those, new itches will be scratched.

What tips would you offer to a young man who’d like to be grandparent, soon-ish — say — tonight?

Adopt an about-to-drop pregnant woman. As soon as the child is born, give them $100,000 and leave their lives. But first, give them a “family motto” to remember you by.

I love the tribute to Rush’s 2112on the cover of your release 2012. A friend of mine has this rad thing he does where when we’re in a bar with a jukebox, he puts on all 20 minutes of “2112” and we leave. I don’t like Rush.

I really hope that’s true that they still have jukeboxes!

Production-wise, it seems like there was a conscious decision to just leave off any low frequencies on 2012. It’s sorta all-mid, all the time. Was this music intended to be listened to in a 1984 Dodge Aries?

I think the problem must be your stereo. When I put it on in my surround-sound home theatre system, I just hear the song “Big Poppa” in French.

What should I wear to your show on Saturday? Also, should the first 2-3 rows expect to be covered in a liquid of any kind, and if so, what kind?

Just wear a shirt. No no-shirts at the show except me. And it’s a dry show, so no liquids will be present. Except for when you pee yo’ pants from our barrage rock thundercade of riffs.

Your lyrics and vocal work were arguably front and centre in Brutal Knights, but are definitely more obscured and harder to make out on the Wrong Hole recordings.

I like making decisions that don’t benefit me. It’s a fetish of mine.

What is it about punk and comedy that seem to attract them to one another?

I think that a lot of punk rock is about not being satisfied or thinking something is bad… and I guess a lot of standup is that way too. KATHY GRIFFIN.

Please complete this sentence. I just flew in from out of town..

Air Miles, yay!

Catch Wrong Hole and CATCH GODDAMNED FIRE this Saturday at Wrong Bar – alongside Several Futures, Lee Paradise and Shrine. 9:00PM! EIGHT BUCKS! You’d be an idiot not to attend!!!!11111AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!@#!@!@#

—Interview by Dean Williams

Photo by JR Jensen