#WL12 Program Guide, Day Four: Get to know Most People

We’re on to the fourth and final night of Wavelength Anniversary Festival TWELVE, which we’ve been previewing in chronological order over the last two weeks on the Wavelength Tumblr page. The big blowout is happening next weekend – so soon! – and did you know that it happens to be a Long Weekend? That’s right, you can thank Premier “Dad” McGuinty for bestowing the “Family Day” holiday on overworked Ontarians three years ago, and it’s one of the best public holidays because everyone forgets about it until the last minute, which means it’s like a surprise gift – and it also conveniently lines up with the Wavelength Anniversary every year! So next Sunday, you can stay up late and rock out to heavy hitters like PS I Love You and Burning Love (because WL is always your funny Valentine) as well as exciting up-and-comers Army Girls, Mötem and electro-pop duo Most People, who are the latest artist in the Tumblr spotlight.