Wavelength Behind-The-Scenes: Del Bel’s In My Solitude Music Video


Wavelength Artist Incubator band Del Bel premiered the epic video for their song “In My Solitude” earlier this year. We asked the director of the video, and friend of Wavelength, Colin Harrington, to share a behind-the-scenes look at making Del Bel’s video.

My life as a video producer is very much tied in with Wavelength Artist Incubator band Del Bel. It was actually Del Bel members Tyler Belluz and Mike Brooks that pushed me towards video production in the first place. After a few years working with Del Bel as their live sound technician, they approached me about producing a “live off the floor” video for their surf-rock side project, Legato Vipers. Other than working on a few low-budget horror movie sets as a boom operator, and producing a couple of videos for my band Adverteyes, I had little previous experience in directing or filming. The Vipers videos were so much fun! We all caught the bug, and decided to start a small production company called A Pocket History of Mars, and continue on with it.

Tyler had asked me to come up with a video concept for any of the songs off of their upcoming sophomore release. I wanted to play off of their cinematic sound and make a video that would feel like a short film in itself, or that appeared to be a segment from an existing feature, or a classic TV show, and we needed to achieve that with little to no money. With Tyler as the producer, band trumpet player Ira Zingraff, and local Burlesque performer Ruby Moon as the talent, a couple of extra hands, a mid range DSLR camera and some rented/borrowed gear from Guelph-based Ed Video, and Pinball Sessions producer Dan Beeson, we headed out into the forest and made a silly little video about a man playing various wind instruments to judgmental birds and lost lovers, set in some sort of post-alien invasion earth. Have a watch, and stay tuned for “Part 2”!