The Polar Sea premieres tonight on TVO. Score by members of Do Make Say Think!

Starting tonight (Monday, Dec. 1st at 9PM) and running from the next 10 weeknights on TVO, The Polar Sea is one of the most exciting new shows for fans of arts and science. This visual journey through the Northwest Passage, across Arctic sea ice and tundra, depicts the impact climate change is already making upon the natural world. It’s also especially of interest to Toronto music fans as well, as its stirring score was composed by Telepathic Out Takes, a.k.a. Justin Small and Ohad Benchetrit of Do Make Say Think. In other close-to-home news, some of the camera work was done by Dylan Reibling, former Wavelength programmer and creator of the legendary Fake Prom.

The Toronto Star has already called The Polar Seaoverwhelming and essential viewing,” and we’ll be admiring the participants’ bravery as well as the landscape’s beauty while we binge-watch.

From TVO: This stunning 10-part series takes viewers on a journey through the fabled, beautiful – and melting – Northwest Passage. We travel with amateur sailors, scientists, hunters and artists on a quest from Iceland to Alaska that was nearly impossible just a decade ago. Now, as the Arctic ice disappears, a surreal terrain emerges, filled with ominous dangers and seductive possibilities. Filmed from dozens of perspectives, including revolutionary 360 degree cameras, “The Polar Sea” takes you deep into a world that has never been seen until now.

Watch the trailer below, and we also highly recommend flying over the Arctic in a helicopter with the accompanying 360 interactive feature.