The OBGMS: The WL Interview

Purveyors of: noisy, avant-garage punk

File Next to: Death from Above 1979, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Dears

Playing: Wavelength Winter Festival Friday February 26th at 9PM on our YouTube channel. Tune in here.

The OBGMS are a band of road warriors who have traversed the globe. For Luca, it throws him back to listening to Martin Streek on Edge 102.1FM in the parking lot of Taco Bell in Woodbridge, Ontario. The music was very anthemic, assertive and screaming to be played to a packed, sweaty Horseshoe Tavern to a ravenous crowd. The early tunes were party rock and synthy jams but this past release, The Ends, have taken a more aggressive and serious turn. Wavelength’s Luca Capone had a chance to chat with The Ooohh Baby Gimme Mores’ Densil McFarlane where they talked about the new record, the influence of Joncro’s Daniel G. Wilson, monolithic thinking for musicians of colour, the importance of community making in music scenes, commercial radio, and everything else in between.


This interview was conducted by Luca Capone of The Night Shift community radio program. You can catch The Night Shift Fridays from 4-5pm on CJRU 1280AM. Listen to the archive here.

Listen to The Ends here.