Shrines: The Wavelength Interview

File Next To: Red Mass, The Birthday Party, Sonic Youth
Purveyors Of: Gutter chunk soup, volume squalls, garage appeal
Playing next: WL 619 – Saturday Sept. 27 @ Handlebar with Wrong Hole, Lee Paradise and Several Futures

Shrines are a cluster of gangly faded thugs, belching harmonic into the oily night. Mudded-up bass slopped on top of serrated guitar/drum Frankensteinage, with that kinda cymbals-as-weapons feel. Wavelength’s Adam Bradley gathered them up to discuss the crust. This is the voice of Johnny “J” Smith.

What’s the coolest shrine you’ve ever seen?

Hell in a Cell 1998, Undertaker vs Mankind. King of the Ring, BABY!

To which gods of rock do you pay tribute each sun rise and set?

The gods of classic rock. The usual. It’s all about the big bad three, morning noon to dusk sunset to rise and back again, you know what I’m talking about, I’m talkin’ about the holy flesh men, BDM; Beatles, Dylan and Marley. The classics like we all love. All that hot summer lovin’ weather you got this year? You’re fuckin’ welcome.

We were about to open for April Wine’s side project (classic Canadian hard/classic rock group April Wine, big love to the maple boys) or as the Spaniards say side prohecto, but plans fell through last minute when we beefed and they found out I was gonna release the secret EP they recorded in my garage. Now that I think about it,
don’t publish this, I’ve got cocaine to move and the Wine can get very threatening.

Your online tracks exist only in demo form currently, but still sound awesome. Do you have a full release coming ‘cross the horizon?

We have about 140 minutes of unrecorded music written and the first two albums planned already. We are desperate for help. We need a lot of money and space to realize our vision. We are willing to be the personal four at your beck and call. If you are rich, own a label and are reading this, finance us so we can rip the Earth apart and build it back again.

Tell me the story of that insane music video thing you guys made. You look like you were probably wasted for most of the filming.

We were all completely sober.

Assume K is the class of models of a countable first order theory omitting countably many types. If K has a model of cardinality, does it have a model of cardinality continuum?

For a cardinal μ we give a sufficient condition ⊕μ (involving ranks measuring existence of independent sets) for: ⊗μ if a Borel set B ⊆ R×R contains a μ-square (i.e. a set of the form A×A with |A| = μ) then it contains a 2א0 -square and even a perfect square, and also for ⊗′μ if ψ ∈ Lω1,ω has a model of cardinality μ then it has a model of cardinality continuum generated in a “nice”, “absolute” way.

Assuming MA+2א0 > μ for transparency, those three conditions (⊕μ, ⊗μ and ⊗′μ) are equivalent, and from this we deduce that e.g. Vα<ω1 [2א0 ≥ אα ⇒ ¬⊗אα], and also that min{μ : ⊗μ}, if < 2א0, has cofinality א1. We also deal with Borel rectangles and related model-theoretic problems.