Starting With Yourself: Self-Care & Mental Health in the Arts Panel Discussion Audio

During difficult times it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Communing with or expressing oneself via the arts has often been cited as a way to deal with depression and other mental health issues. Music, poetry, journaling and painting can help. But what happens when the person dealing with these issues is an artist themselves? You’re not alone! In November 2019 Wavelength held a panel discussion on self-care and mental health in the arts at Toronto community centre Unit2.

Panelists included moderator Tricia Knowles, singer/songwriter Sarah Hagerman (a.k.a. Mary Moxxie), comedian and writer Arianne Tong and Toronto based chiropractor and wellness facilitator Dr. Anita Shack BFA.

The panel was a discussion about self-care and mental health for musicians and other creatives. In the DIY/grassroots/underground creative arts space we heard input and expertise from artists themselves as well those who advocate or work with creatives on these issues.

Topics included:
-The relationship between art creation and mental health
-How music and the arts are helping lift the stigma on mental health issues
-Prioritizing self-care within a creative artistic lifestyle
-Coping mechanisms for dealing with mental health issues
-Finding and gaining access to resources and tools to aid in mental health/self-care

The discussion was very enlightening, hopeful and included many great suggestions on how to cope with difficult situations. For insights on self-care and mental health in the arts, listen to the audio recording of the discussion below.

Self-care and mental health in the arts Dr. Anita Shack, Arianne Tong, Trisha Knowles (moderator), Sarah Hagerman
Panelists from top left clockwise: Dr. Anita Shack, Arianne Tong, Trisha Knowles (moderator), Sarah Hagerman