RAVETAPES: The Camp Wavelength Interview

Purveyors of: Live DJ mixing, nonstop bass-heavy, synth-bumping, reverbed-out vocal style EDM party jams that just don’t quit.
File next to: Orbital, Sasha and Digweed, Basement Jaxx
Playing next: Camp Wavelength, Friday August 28 (Late Night Party!) @ Artscape Gibraltar Point
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Brandon DeGroote and Mike Pereira have set forth to answer the question that has plagued humankind since the discovery of the sine wave: where the party at?RAVETAPES is more than a band, more than an experience — goddammit, it’s more than EDM. It’s a vehicle! A vehicle of sound brought to the masses to make you move until you heart explodes in your chest. Live it.

For those of us who don’t know, what is a rave tape?

A RAVE TAPE used to be the only way to get your hands on new dance music, PRE internet dayzz. You would have to drive into Toronto and head over to one of the many RAVE TAPE shops and pick up a live recorded set. And then that would be all you have until the next time you bought more.

Your live aesthetic is very interesting and often interactive. Could you describe your performance setup?

Well, we run a mix of hardware and software controllers that all feed through Ableton.  We also then use a plug-in setup that resembles a traditional DJ mix, with filter sweeps and delay. We then play all our dance party funness live, and also mix it to give it a good ol’ fun standard dance vibe.

What is your intention with this project?

Our intention is to party. And party we will.

Dave Van-Eden a.k.a. Boybitch is often seen performing with y’all — could you describe what he brings to RAVETAPES? Also, is he a permanent member and am I an asshole for not including him in this interview? If so, sorry Dave.

At its core RAVETAPES is officially Mike and Brandon BUTTT Dave is our officialllllllll MC. Dave has been joining us for about a year now. He is our “MC” so he fits in similar to more traditional DJ setup vibes. He is definitely part of the group.

Do either of you remember the rave heyday of Toronto, or were you too lame/young?

We remember it, but we were both a mix of too lame and too wasted to actually make the effort to actually go.

What is your favourite metal band?

Favourite metal band is definitely Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.

Apart from the Camp Wavelength Island show, do you have any other notable/interesting shows coming up? If so, don’t be rude, elaborate.

Welllll we are going to do an epic Nuit Blanche installation in the front room of the Garrison October 3rd, which will be 12 hours of dancey funness.

How many shredding guitar solos are present in your music?

There are none. Only shredding synth solos.

Any plans to release music for download or purchase, other than the B-side to “Stay Forever Here in the Night” by Toronto band Most People, available on cassette, iTunes, Bandcamp, or wherever you purchase your music?

Ummmm we are currently in the process of making some RAVETAPES of our own which we’ll selling eventually.

— Interview by Paul McEachern

RAVETAPES play Camp Wavelength Friday, August 28 at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto Island). Get your single day tickets here! Or better yet, join us for the whole weekend and get a Festival Pass!