Prince Rama: The Camp Wavelength Interview

Purveyors of: Psychedelic tarot moon tunes.
File next to: Petra Glynt, Gang Gang Dance, Geneva Jacuzzi
Playing: Camp Wavelength, Saturday August 29 at Artscape Gibraltar Point. Get your ticket here!

Brooklynites Prince Rama are a set of sisters curling up out of the world of bizarro electronic now-age. Rooted in the occult and odd, they bring a huge sound and serious fun. Taraka Larson answered a few questions for Wavelength’s Adam Bradley.

Do you have any advice as to how one might live more in the now? I like to stare at my hand occasionally, as sort of a time stamp.

What you need to do is forget the time stamp and rip up the envelope. Write a letter to yourself in the past, then send it to the future via flames and piss on the ashes. Take your hand and dissolve it into the mud. When you can no longer feel your fingers, pick a nearby flower and bring it to someone you love.

Seems as you get older there are fewer new experiences, surprises, and landmarks, and time flits by very quickly. Do you find that at all?

You gotta just give yourself amnesia every night so when you wake up you are always starting a new day. For many years, I tried to learn more and more. Now I just try to forget. It makes the stars brighter and music sound way more vivid and beautiful.

What would you say is your relationship with the Internet and devices? I think it can sap away a sense of life-living and presence, but it’s become pretty inseparable from everyday existence for most. Would you do away with it if you could?

I just try to treat it like an alternate reality. Nothing more, nothing less. That way, it doesn’t have to interfere with this reality. That sunset on Instagram didn’t actually look like that in this reality. What a blog says doesn’t determine how a song sounds. A profile picture could be of a person who died three years ago. Time doesn’t exist in the internet. Once something is posted, it lives forever. One can learn a lot about immortality from the Internet. It’s very flat.

You’ve toured a fair bit recently. How do you find that it affects your sense of home and friendship?

It forces you to become your own best friend and carry your home with you.

You’ve got a new record coming down the tube, I understand. How do you usually feel just before or once a new record has been released?

Like a pregnant woman. Lots of hot flashes.

Prince Rama play Camp Wavelength Saturday, August 29 at Artscape Gibraltar Point (Toronto Island). Get your single day tickets here! Or better yet, join us for the whole weekend and get a Festival Pass!