Plasmalab: The Wavelength Interview

Purveyors of: Noisy nihilist anthems and unbothered swagger.

File next to: Kim Gordon, Flipper, Priests, METZ, Babes in Toyland.

Playing: Wavelength + Broken Pencil present Sex & Death, May 18th @ The Monarch Tavern. Get tickets here!

Plasmalab is the starkly unbothered trio of Jacqueline Lachance, Katie Hernandez, and Morgan Dowler. Their self-titled demo tape of muddy, moany slowpunk seemed to tap into the weird intersection of general misery and ecstatic chaos that characterized 2016. Who knows what’s in store for them as they carry their ceaseless, thumping swagger into another crappy year? Broken Pencil Magazine editor Jonathan Valelly asked them a few questions before their next show, Wavelength and Broken Pencil’s co-presented Sex & Death event. They put together some answers at their band practice. Listen their 46 second epic “Pena” – the Broken Pencil & Wavelength Song of the Month choice for May – on repeat while you read, for added effect!

You guys define yourselves as “sludge-rok” — what does that mean?

I think you can boil it down to just not giving a fuk. It’s like you’re at the bottom of a ditch and you don’t care. You’re sitting there and it’s cool and comfortable and maybe you’re a little damp but it’s okay, you’re not stressed out about it. It’s fine.

The name Plasmalab has a futuristic/experimental tone to it. But your sound is lo-fi, chaotic, classic punk vibes — what does that say about your idea of the future?

Are you asking what the future of punk is?? Or the future of Plasmalab? It feels a bit absurd to be in a punk band in 2017, like rock is such a dead horse, it’s a miracle if you can beat some life into it at all. And so I guess that’s what I think about the future, there is nothing to be gained really aside from your personal experience. The market is so saturated and no one has any attention span (including me). I really believe it’s about the spirit you bring to it, so just do whatever you want because it doesn’t matter. I see that as a positive message not a negative one. Like, just be as intense and freaky as you wanna be and have a good time.

It’s pretty tough to hear the lyrics to Plasmalab’s songs, which makes me want to know even more what they are. What do they say? Or maybe more importantly, what are they actually about?

You’re not the only one who wants to know. 😉

The event at the Monarch on May 18th is called Sex & Death. What’s the difference between those two things?

The difference between sex and death is that Jag and Morg are gonna keep having sex ‘til they die, and Katie is gonna die trying (insert shruggy guy here).

OK sticking with the theme, imagine two deceased people hooking up to the soundtrack of Plasmalab — who would they be?

I’ve thought about this before. I know the answer. Vincent Van Gogh and Beatrix Potter.

I heard a rumour that you once turned town partying with Chris Brown (good call). Who are the top 3 R&B songsters who could actually kick it Plasmalab?

Hot Chocolate, Eminem, Vincent Van Gogh? Freud? did I answer the question right? Can you repeat the question?